How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation?

Jun 23, 2024

The question that we can have at one moment is if we are actually saved. Senior Pastor Sandra Howell, preaches on a highlighting message on 'How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation?' The sermon calls attention to the qualifications necessary to know if you are saved which are: Listen, Believe, Confess, Change, and Community. This is a way for one to be certain and ensured of one's salvation. It also highlights to whoever calls on the name of Jesus, will be saved. And because of that, we are called to act on these qualifications.

Senior Pastor Sandra mentions that it isn't something for us to be concerned and be in constant fear of but rather to go forth and walk in obedience. Because Christ is our Savior, THE Savior, we have the opportunity to lay all things on the Cross and give our life to Him. He is the Good News, THE Gospel.