Serving at The Crossroads

Here at Laredo Church of the Crossroads, we value the work, the calling, that God has placed in your heart to serve His people and ultimately to serve Him. Wherever God has called you to express your gifts, there is a place for you in a variety of teams and departments. From greeting visitors to translating our service, there is an area that needs you. Experience the beauty of obeying what God has called you to do in His house.  

First Impressions

Step into the heart of hospitality and service by joining our dynamic first impressions team – where a warm smile becomes a beacon of welcome, and your assistance transforms a visit into a cherished spiritual experience. Embrace the joy of guiding others on their journey of faith; join us in creating a space where everyone feels at home!


Elevate your passion for music and your God-given musical gift by becoming a part of our vibrant worship team. Join us in harmonizing melodies, igniting the spirit of worship, and creating an unforgettable connection between heaven and earth. Your unique musical gift has the power to inspire and uplift; come be a key player in the symphony of praise!
Auditions are open!

Children's Department

Embark on a heartwarming journey as a vital member of our Children's Department, where laughter, learning about Jesus, and love intersect.
Join us in shaping young hearts, fostering a sense of wonder, and creating a safe haven where every child feels cherished. Your passion for making a positive impact in the lives of our youngest members is the key to unlocking a world of joy and growth – come be a guiding light in their exciting adventure of faith!
It's fun, safe, and Christ-Centered!

Prayer Partners

Step into the profound and transformative world of prayer by joining our Prayer Partners. Become a spiritual companion, lending your heart and prayers to support others on their journey with Jesus. In this sacred circle, your presence becomes a beacon of comfort, compassion, and connection. Join us once a month, as we take on the cares of our community and pray for our church here in Sunday service. 

Production Team

Unleash your creativity and technical skill by joining our church Production Team, where every light, sound, camera, and visual element converges to create a divine atmosphere. Be the one behind the scenes, bringing worship experiences to life and elevating our gatherings to new heights. Your skills are what turns a church service into an unforgettable encounter with Christ – come be a part of the team that crafts moments of awe and inspiration! 

Translation Team

Bridge cultures and connect hearts as a vital member of our church Translation Team. Join us in breaking language barriers, ensuring that every soul can hear the message of love and faith in their language. Your linguistic talents will play a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity and unity, making our church a place where diversity thrives. Come be a language ambassador, helping our members bridge the bilingual language barrier. 

Outreach Team

Embark on a duty outside of our church walls – join our church Outreach Team! Be a spark for compassion, making a meaningful impact in the community of Laredo. Your passion for helping others will become a view of who Jesus is, as we work together to spread His love, kindness, and willingness to help His people. Come, be the change you wish to see as we extend our arms wide, making a positive difference one outreach at a time.

Dance Team

Elevate worship through the art of movement – join the Crossroads Dance Team! Step into a community where your passion for dance becomes a powerful expression of faith. Together, let's choreograph moments of spiritual connection, blending creativity and devotion to inspire hearts. Join us as we dance with praise, telling a story of joy and unity that resonates with our souls. Your dance is a God-given gift that we want for you to express. Come be part of the rhythm of worship! 

Student Ministry

Fuel your passion for mentorship and inspiration by joining our Encounter Youth Team. Dive into a community that values your energy, creativity, and commitment to empowering the next generation. Together, let's help lead students, build lasting connections, and create a vibrant space where young hearts find purpose and faith in Jesus. Join us on this  journey as we cultivate leaders and forge lifelong friendships! 

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